What Meditation Method Is Right For Me?

What Meditation Method Is Best For Me PostWhen it comes to meditation there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Above all meditation should be fun and easy for you because if it’s not, then you’ll most likely quit before seeing any real benefits from it. That’s why I encourage you to try out a few different meditation techniques until you find one that is right for you.

Simple Meditation Steps To Follow

One of the main goals of meditation is to be able to still the mind. But if you’ve ever tried to turn the mind off then you’ll know that this is no easy task. That’s why you need to find a meditation technique that helps you to step back from the busy mind and give you some space to think and breathe easier.

I like to keep things simple which is why I am going to give you a really simple way to think about what meditation may suit you best. In all my years of meditating I have only ever come across 2 different types of meditation and they are, active meditations and passive meditations.

As the names imply, one involves moving your body in some way as part of your meditation, while the other focuses on you sitting still and focusing on something internally or externally to meditate on.

If you’re the type of person that lives in their head and finds it hard to sit still, then starting out with active meditation may be right for you. Those of us that have over-stimulated brains and find it hard to sit still for 2 minutes let alone for 20 really need to do some form of active meditation. If we don’t, we may end up just feeling frustrated and despondent.

However, if you find it easy to sit down and be still for 5, 10 or 20 minutes, then passive meditation is probably the best place for you to get started. Let’s have a look then at some of the different meditation techniques that can be used actively and passively.

Active And Passive Meditation Techniques For Beginners

How did you go? Hopefully you will be able to use at least one of the 4 simple active and passive meditation techniques I shared in the audio. I think that if you are looking to get started in active meditations, then the dancing one may be something that you may find fun and easy to do.

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