Tips On Meditation For Prosperity

Tips on meditation for prosperityWhen you think of having more prosperity in your life what thoughts or images pop into your head? For some, it may mean being more financially affluent, while for others it may look more like having an abundance of happiness, health, and love.

What’s interesting about prosperity for me is that before I started meditating I never really stopped to think about prosperity at all. I was too busy working hard, making a ton of cash and playing hard to really give a damn.

Looking back now I can see that in many ways I was indeed prosperous but what I can’t say is that I really knew who I was or that my life had any real meaning or purpose to it. Don’t get me wrong, it was fun for sure but it was also quite empty and meaningless in many ways.

While my ego felt prosperous because I had so much going on in the outside world, my spirit felt empty on the inside. This was always most evident when I found myself alone and with nothing to distract me. Then, all I would be left with was whatever thoughts and feelings I had going on at the time.

This caused me to ponder why it was that even though my life appeared to be so prosperous on the outside that for some reason this wasn’t reaching me on the inside. Then, without warning, my life suddenly turned upside down overnight. My rich and full outer life disappeared into nothingness. What remained was confusion, fear, and inner turmoil.

This was the first experience I’d ever had of my inner world collapsing into total chaos. No matter what I tried to do to reduce the noise in my head and the anxiety in my body, nothing worked. I certainly had prosperity happening on the inside now, only it was of the uncomfortable kind.

That’s when I started to realize that prosperity doesn’t matter if we label it as positive or negative. Whether our head and body is filled with thoughts, feelings or sensations that we love or hate, the reality is that we are still filled with something.

Once I made the connection between my inner mental and emotional turmoil and prosperity, I began to meditate on how I could develop a prosperity consciousness towards all life. To this end, I continued to view all my thoughts and feelings as part of the abundance of life within me, regardless of whether I perceived them to be positive or negative.

By acknowledging the abundance of internal experiences I was having in a non-judgmental way, I began to notice the abundance of things that were going on around me as well. This simple mindfulness exercise quickly started to change my relationship with prosperity.

When I started allowing everything happening in both my inner and outer worlds to be viewed as prosperity I soon started to notice that more things were showing up in my life to feel prosperous about. New relationships formed, my income started to soar, and my creativity started to go through the roof. It’s like I’d thrown a switch and now prosperity and opportunities were appearing everywhere.

Mindfulness is by far the simplest way to step back from looking at your financial circumstances and getting stuck in lack or scarcity consciousness. Scarcity consciousness is the opposite of prosperity consciousness because it expects and acknowledges lack and limitation.

By taking a few minutes each day to notice any thoughts or feelings of scarcity, you instantly start to remove the power from them to control your destiny. Then, take the time to acknowledge the abundance that they bring to your mind and body. This will help to reframe the way your subconscious perceives prosperity.

You can also envision yourself as being financially prosperous as part of your daily goal setting routine. Just 5 minutes a day of imaging how it looks and feels to be financially free as if it has already happened is a powerful message to reinforce in your brain.

Lastly, start to look for prosperity everywhere you go. We can either look through the eyes of scarcity, or the eyes of abundance. Whichever way you look, you are bound to find what you seek. Where you see a lack of money, others will see an abundance of opportunity for wealth. It just depends on whose looking.

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