Tips On Meditation And Anger

Tips On Meditation And Anger Post 1I often get asked about meditation and how it might help with anger. These tips on meditation and anger should help you.

The first thing to say is don’t try and control your anger, instead transform it. While this might not make much sense now, it soon will.

Disadvantages of Anger

Obviously anger is a potentially explosive emotion that can easily be used to hurt ourselves or others. Neither of these scenarios are in our best interests because in either case someone suffers. This suffering can be short-lived or permanent depending on the circumstances.

For example, if we get angry and hold it in, then then we are effectively poisoning our mind and body with it. This can result in a wide-range of mental and physical health related issues. Think of it more as suppressing a powerful energy that is not meant to be bottled up in our mind and body.

Anger is a very powerful emotion and the word emotion comes from the word ’emote’ which means to move energy. All any emotion wants is for the energy that is stored within it to move freely from the body without judgment. While this may sound simple in theory, in practice it can be challenging because we have to catch ourselves before we suppress it and push it down inside us.

This is how we learn to ‘control’ our anger, but nothing gets resolved as it just keeps building up inside us like a pressure cooker until we either explode, or become ill. The opposite of suppressing our anger is of course to express it. While expressing our anger is a much healthier option because at least it is moving the energy from our mind and body, the problem arises when we project it onto someone else.

That’s not healthy for us or our relationships and can also lead to suffering of a different nature. So how do we express our anger so that we transform the energy of it without hurting ourselves or others in the process?

How To Transform Anger Through Meditation

How did you go? By applying any of the meditation techniques mentioned in the audio you will be able to transform anger into a productive energy that can not only keep your mind and body in good health, but can also make you feel more alive and energized than ever before.

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