The Secret To Meditation And Sex

The Secret To Meditation And SexFor many people, sex is a taboo topic that should only be discussed with their partners or people they trust and feel safe with. What’s interesting about this though is that sex is probably one of the things that both men and women think about frequently, yet it stays locked away in their head for the most.

Why is it do you suppose that people in general, don’t feel safe talking openly about sex – even to their significant other? The main reason is that we tend to judge or suppress our sexual energy.

There are many reasons for why we do this but the main one is that very few people have a healthy relationship with themselves as a sexual being. This then gives rise to people putting up with ‘undersexed’ relationships which in turn can lead to it’s own set of relationship challenges.

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Consider the possibility that sex and love can be the same thing but it’s not always going to be the case. Sex is a biological urge that comes from the desire to procreate our species. It is also the desire for two people to get as close as possible to each other physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Where sex can get messed up is when it gets confused with love. Just because someone has sex with you and you enjoy it doesn’t mean that it’s love. Love comes from the heart whereas sex comes from your entire body. That’s why we have orgasms. Because our entire body climaxes on the wave of the entire body’s energy exploding in our sex center.

For many people, sex has become a fantasy that they live out int their mind. No only do they fantasize more about sex in their head than they actually get to experience it, they also get lost in judging their sexual energy and the impulses or judgments they may have around that.

Ultimately, we all want to transcend our primal sexual urges so that it can become love. The reason I say that is because sexual energy has the potential to become love but only when it gets to connect to our heart and spirit.  If it stays connected to our ego and mind, then it will always fall short of becoming love.

Meditation And Sex

In the tantric tradition, sex was always viewed as a way to experience the divine nature of absolute love. It was a vehicle that allowed two beings to come together to merge into oneness so that they could go deeper into love than just having an orgasm.

Tantric sex is a meditation in it’s own right. It is a sacred dance of intimacy that is supposedly so powerful that is can be a doorway to enlightenment. It was more for spiritual awakening than to help bring people closer together, although it did that as well.

These days, tantra is more about deepening your intimacy and relationship with your beloved than blowing open your chakras and connecting to the Universe.

Here are some simple tips on how you apply some simple tantric meditation tips to elevate your sex life:

1. Treat your lovemaking as a sacred experience. Create a space in your home or bedroom where you both feel honored and respected. It can also look and feel like a place where you can let go and allow your sexual energy to become more uninhibited.

2. Start by sitting opposite each without any clothes on and just connect to your partner by looking at them and being as present as you can with each other. It helps if you can be conscious of matching your breathing as this creates an energetic connection between you.

3. Once you feel a connection with your partner then start to come together and gently start exploring each others body being as present as you can with your touch. Touch each other softly and with love. Later on, you can get funky if you wish.

4. Move into lovemaking slowly and without thinking about it. Let it be a natural and meditative. Turn your lovemaking into an active meditation by being present with your body and all the sensations you are experiencing. If you can, bring your awareness to your sexual organs so that you can stay keep your attention on your sexual energy as it rises.

5. At some point during your lovemaking, you will feel drawn to let go of focusing on anything except to be in the experience you are having. When that happens, then give yourself permission to go with it.

6. Afterward, stay connected with your partner for as long as you can just breathing together and relaxing deeper into letting go of the mind and body.

If you approach sex in a meditative way then you’ll be on the right path to deepen your intimacy and connection with your beloved. It’s such a simple thing to do and the benefits to your love life will far exceed your expectations. Try it for yourself and you can thank me later.

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