The Secret Power of Sound Meditation

The Secret Power of Sound Meditation postUsing sound to meditate is one of the best ways to learn to meditate fast . From guided meditations using relaxing ambient background sounds through to binaural beats that directly affect our brainwaves and state of consciousness, sound obviously has a huge impact on our mind and bodies.

I have been experimenting with sound in my meditations for over 17 years just to find out whether a lot of the hype that I’d been hearing and reading about using sound in meditation had any validity. From dancing meditations with live music to transcendent meditations using brainwave entrainment and everything in-between, I fell in love with just how powerful sound is when used in meditation.

Sound and Relax Meditation

While there are obviously sounds that can grate on our nerves and leave us feeling agitated believe it or not, even those sounds can be used to take us deeper into meditation. I know that may sound counter-intuitive but the reality is that we can train our mind to be able to listen to any sound with a non-judgmental attitude so that it relaxes us, instead of stresses us.

I’m going to share exactly how you can learn to do this using a simple mindfulness meditation technique I picked up many years ago. But before I do that, take a moment to consider just how big an impact sound has in our everyday lives.

While many people probably take what they can hear for granted, as your awareness of sound and how it affects your mental, physical and emotional states grows, then so too does your appreciation for it. Not only can any sound be used to clear our mind and feel more relaxed and alert, it can also be used for healing and profound peace.

Mindfulness Meditation For Joyful Listening

How did you go? This simple method of being able to use sound as a way to go deeper into meditation is one of the most life-transforming techniques that I have the privilege to learn and apply. Not only can it be used for meditation and clearing the mind, it also comes in handy for dealing with people who are trying to bully or control you by using their voice in loud or aggressive ways.

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