The Power Of Morning Meditation

Power of morning meditation post ImageI love my morning meditation. It’s the only morning ritual that I have stuck to for over 15 years. The reason for this is that it has brought so many amazing things into my personal and business life that I’d be an absolute idiot to stop.

Does this mean that morning meditation is right for everyone? The answer is it depends on you. I’m a great believer that if something works for you keep doing it, and if it doesn’t, then let it go. But before you let something go you need to make sure that you’ve given it a fair chance to see if it works for you. This normally takes at least 30 days straight of consistent meditation.

Why Meditate?

Meditation is a tool that has something to offer everyone. People get into meditation for different reasons such as reducing stress and anxiety, improving health and well-being, being more focused, or even enhancing problem solving and creative talents.

The one thing that everyone who learns to meditate has in common is that they want to be able to switch off the busy mind so that they can relax for a few moments when needed. I call this decluttering the mind.  We get so bombarded each day by things that require our mental, emotional, and physical energy, that it’s no wonder we struggle to relax.

It’s well documented that regular meditation helps to clear the mind which makes it easier to find solutions to everyday problems. This is a massive benefit for anyone who meditates because the clearer your mind is, the easier it is to focus and not be so easily distracted.

As a successful entrepreneur, I have found that keeping my mind clear is essential to running and growing multiple companies. It’s also helped me to write a #1 best-selling book on Amazon, launch products online, and enjoy an abundance of creativity in all areas of my life.

Morning Meditation For Energy

If you’ve never meditated in the morning then I recommend you start with just 5-minutes a day. Once that feels comfortable then increase it to 10 minutes and keep increasing it until you get to 20 minutes a day.

If you find it hard to sit still then do guided meditations until you get the hang of it. Mindfulness meditations are the best place to get started as they help you to practice stepping back from the busy mind with an attitude on non-judgment. Once you get the knack of this, then you are free to meditate anytime and anywhere you like.

Morning meditation will help you to start the day from a place a calm and clarity. This will instantly give you a burst of energy as your mind and body won’t be distracted energetically by things that could potentially stress you out.

This calmness will tend to linger throughout the day which also acts as a type of a buffer to stressful people or events. The key here is the longer you meditate in the morning, the more calmness and inner peace you will carry with you into your day.

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