The Power Of Mindfulness To Center Yourself

The Power Of Mindfulness To Center Yourself PostIt’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and lose ourselves in the process. When this happens, it can leave us feeling fragmented and unbalanced in mind, body and spirit.

When we’re not centered we also tend to lose focus easier and it can almost feel like an out-of-body experience in that there is a sense of not being grounded in what we are doing.

When we’re not present or grounded in our body, then we’re either off in the past thinking about things gone by or we are focusing on things to come. While setting goals and planning for the future is a good thing, the challenge is when we start worrying or stressing about things that aren’t real, or haven’t happened yet.

One of the big benefits of mindfulness meditation is that it can help you to feel instantly centered anytime and anywhere you like. When we connect to our center then all our energy becomes focused on one point in the body and then a natural balance immediatley arises inside us.

A Powerful Mindfulness Exercise For Centering

People who take the time to center themselves throughout the day tend to stay calmer and be more relaxed about their lives. They also have a certain presence about them, which translates into coming across as being confident in who they are, and being capable of taking charge of their lives.

Here is one of my favorite mindfulness exercises to help with centering yourself throughout the day and enjoying the benefits of having more balance in your life:

Anytime you have a spare moment or two, just sit quietly and let your awareness move to two inches below the navel – to your Hara or center-point as it is known in martial arts – and keep your attention focused there.

In fact, close your eyes and try it right now. You should feel a connection to your center instantly. Just by placing your attention on this one part of your body will pull all your energies towards your center – that’s why it’s so powerful. Once you start to feel that connection, then you will be easily able to go there at will for instant centering and balance.

While you are focusing your attention on your Hara, if you notice your mind wanders then make sure to not judge it – instead gently bring your awareness back to 2-inches below your navel. You can do this exercise for a short or long as you like. I personally do this every hour for 2 to 5 minutes at a time depending on circumstances.

This helps me to keep coming back to my center on a regular basis so that I can stay balanced throughout the day. As a result, my productivity stays high, and my problem-solving and stress-coping skills seem to stay at peak levels of effectiveness.

Once you start to really feel a connection to your center, then you will be easily able to go there at will to become instantly balanced and grounded. What’s even better is that the more you think about your center, the more it will come naturally to you.

The other positive side-effect of focusing on your center is that you will notice that the more you focus on it, the less you will think. What stresses out people more than anything is the thoughts that run around in their head all day that triggers physical and emotional reactions. Just thinking of your center you center your thought energy, which reduces stress and brings calm.

So if less thinking, more balance and feeling more grounded in your life is important to you, then I encourage you to set a daily or hourly reminder to close your eyes and focus on your center for whatever amount of time you can give.

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