The Power Of Meditation To Achieve Goals

The Power Of Meditation To Achieve GoalsI’ve been into goal setting for more than 15 years. I’ve set goals for my business, my health, my relationships, and pretty much every area of my life. During this time I’ve come to understand that the real power in goal setting is not so much that you achieve your goals, but who you become as a result of striving to achieve them.

All too often I see people who get so consumed by their goals that they appear to get stuck in a never-ending loop of dissatisfaction with the life they already have. As a Life and Meditation Coach, I get to see this all the time, especially with business clients.

They get so stuck on what they have to do next to become more successful in business or life that they literally wear themselves out along the way. Often times the price of this goal-orientated mindset is that their health, happiness, and relationships inevitably suffer.

This idea that we are always looking ahead for something more or better to fulfill us can lead to all sorts of mental, emotional, and physical challenges if we allow it to. This is especially true if we don’t feel like we are achieving things fast enough, or that our expectations are constantly not being met.

Meditation To Focus On Goals

That’s where meditation comes in. Not only can it help with achieving goals, which I’ll explain more about in a moment, but it can also become one of your success stories around goals setting.

Let me explain.

If you  already meditate on a consistent basis, then at some point it must have been a goal you set for yourself. If that’s the case then you know exactly what it takes to achieve a goal because you’ve already done it with meditation. All you need to do is reverse engineer how you did it and apply that to anything you want to be, do, or have.

If you don’t meditate on a regular basis yet but would like to, then now’s the time to set it as a goal and use this as an opportunity to combine meditation and goal setting. Down the track, you’ll also be able to use meditation to help with goal achieving but for now, the goal would be to setup your meditation practice.

Here’s how to go about achieving your goal to have a successful meditation practice. You can also apply this process to any goal you want to achieve.

1. Write down or mark on your calendar when you want to get started meditating. Set a time and day that you are committed to doing your first, or next meditation. If you don’t put a deadline on a goal then it’s most likely not going to happen.

2. Write down how long you want to meditate for. This can be anything from 5 minutes to 1 hour depending on what is doable for you. Allow yourself to be flexible around how long you meditate for because even if you only do a minute before you get back up again it’s better than doing nothing.

3. Write down how frequently you are going to meditate. Is it daily, twice a day, every other day, 3 times a week, etc.

4. Pick something that you can link your new meditation habit to such as:

  • As soon as I get out of bed, I will meditate.
  • After I wash my teeth in the morning, I will meditate.
  • Before I have breakfast, I will meditate.
  • After I go for a walk, I will meditate.

5. Set yourself a reminder either on your phone, in your calendar, or leave a note somewhere visible so you remember your commitment.

6. Reward yourself every time you follow through with your commitment. This can be as simple as giving yourself an imaginary pat on the back or doing something that makes you feel good about yourself. The mind loves feedback, especially positive feedback and it’s also very motivating to see progress. It can even help to start a journal and write down how you feel after every meditation just so you can see the progress you are making and let you track your success.

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