The Power Of A 5 Minute Shower Meditation

The Power Of A 5 Minute Shower Meditation PostDid you know that you can help to clear away negativity and feel more centered even while having a shower? A shower meditation is a fun and creative way to fit in your daily meditation especially if you find it hard to fit meditation into your regular schedule.

Finding Your Shower Zen

While many people still think of meditation as something that belongs to a monk who hangs out in caves or monasteries, the truth is that meditation is now becoming more mainstream than ever. With the rise of technology keeping people busier and more distracted than in any other generation, it’s no wonder that the need to have more calm and inner peace is growing.

The beautiful thing about meditation and mindfulness is that there is an abundance of ways you can apply it to fit it your meditation when it suits you. We can either use the power of focused attention or even the power of our imagination to help quiet the mind and feel better within ourselves anytime and anywhere we like.

So how exactly can we find our Zen in the shower?

A Simple Meditation While Taking A Shower

This meditation can be done in 2 parts.

Part 1: Washing Your Body.

From the moment you step into the shower until the moment you step out it is a great opportunity to be mindful of what you are doing. It’s really just a matter of paying attention to the simple things like water falling onto your skin, the aroma of the soap, or the sensation of your hands moving over your body.

There’s no set rules about where to place your attention as long as it’s focused on something that is happening in the present moment. You can even listen to the sound of the running water as it cascades on the shower floor, or be aware of your breath moving in and out of your body. Whatever you do – just be focused on the now with an attitude of non-judgment.

Part 2: Cleansing Visualization 

After you have finished washing your body do this visualization exercise for another 2 minutes. Allow your body to stand right in the middle of the shower stream while closing your eyes and paying full attention to the water as it falls gently on your head and body.

Feel the water as it massages your skin with every drop that touches you. Breathe slowly and gently through your mouth at this time so you don’t breath water in through your nose. Now imagine that the water is energetically washing away any negative thoughts, feelings, or energy that you may have accumulated throughout the day.

As the water streams down from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet feel that it is washing away any worries or concerns from your body down into the drain. Imagine that you are being cleansed from the outside-in by a powerful flow of positive and healing energy that is carried in the water.

See if you can allow yourself to feel that the running water is washing away any negative energy from your body. As you visualize and feel the power of the water cleansing you of any frustration, anxiety, tiredness, or any negativity at all, you’ll start to feel a calmness and lightness start to appear.

You can do this cleansing visualization for as short or long as you like, depending on how deep or Zen you want to get. Our imagination is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal to create a better life for ourselves. That’s why if we use it in a positive and uplifting way we can even use it as a balancing or healing tool.

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