Super Healthy Yoga Meditation For Beginners

Super Healthy Yoga Meditation For Beginners PostOne of the ways to get started with meditating is to learn yoga meditation for beginners. It works on the mind and body in just minutes.

OK, for some of you this may sound like a weird way to tie yourself up in knots while you meditate but stick with me as it really is more fun than you might imagine.

An Easy Method Of Meditation

One of the easiest methods of meditation that I’ve come across is called, “your meditation”. So what exactly do I mean by that? This means that it’s up to you to decide what meditation means to you and what method or technique you’d like to use.

As we all know there’s hundreds of ways to meditate but really you can narrow them down to a couple of different types… and that’s ‘active’ and ‘passive’ meditation techniques. Yoga meditation of course fits into the active category as it involves moving the body as part of your meditation.

I always recommend for anyone who is just starting out on their meditation journey to start off with active meditation techniques as this helps to quiet the mind and prepare the body for deep meditation and relaxation. Active meditations don’t have to be full on workouts either. Any sort of movement will do as long as it’s something you enjoy.

In the video below I’m going to step you through a simple yoga meditation technique to help get you started. It’s real gentle, is great for giving both the mind and body a well-deserved rest, and will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

A Simple Yoga Meditation For Beginners

How did you go? As you now know from watching the video above, yoga meditation really is a great way to ease into meditating deeper than a Zen monk in just minutes. Who’d have thought that not only is there Yoga for the body, but there is Yoga for the mind as well – and it’s so easy to learn!

I hope you enjoy the two meditation techniques that were shared and don’t forget that the best results from meditation come when you do a little bit each day, rather than once every now and then.

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