Why Join The 5 Days to Sleep Better Challenge?

  • How to CALM the chattering mind so you can fall asleep with EASE!
  • How MUCH sleep is RIGHT for you and why this will vary for everybody according to various factors! 
  • What the REAL COST of sleep DEPRIVATION is on your health, happiness, relationships and career!  
  • The importance of how your diet, exercise, stress and work all have an impact on your SLEEP QUALITY and how to find out what are the most HEALTHY and blissful rules for you!  
  • Seven simple sleep hacks to help you have a DEEPLY RESTFUL and RESTORATIVE nights sleep - every night!  
  • The POWER of dreams and how to use them for enhanced INTUITION, SELF-AWARENESS & CREATIVITY! 
  • How to master your sleep HABITS and upgrade your health and your LIFE!

My Student's and I have successfully used these simple tools and techniques to improve our quality of sleep and our Lives!

- Michael Atma

"I'm actually really excited to go to sleep at the time I have allocated to start sleeping! I'm watching the clock and counting down to bedtime!" Natalie Marie

Natalie Marie

"Looking forward to having better sleep. Between 2am - 5am is when I am having the panics and that is the best time for healing as you said...no wonder I am exhausted. Thanks Michael" Monica Whelan

"Since doing the challenge I now have more peace of mind and a general feeling of well being that has come from sleeping well." Pat Walters