Simple Meditation Practices To Tame The Mind

simple-meditation-practices-to-tame-the-mind-post-imageWhile people tend to meditate for a variety of reasons one of the most challenging ones is how to quickly clear the mind of thoughts and distractions.

How exactly then do you tame the mind so that you can enjoy the many benefits that meditation has to offer such as less stress, improved relationships, sleep better, focus easier, and so much more? The good news is that it’s actually quite simple to tame the mind using simple meditation practices.

Meditation Tips To Tame The Mind

The first thing to understand about meditation is that it is one of the simplest things in the world to do. Far too many meditation teachers and students over-complicate what should be a fun and enjoyable experience.

Like most things in life, there’s almost always a hard way and an easy way to do anything. I like to choose the path of least resistance because then at least I know I’ll have a better chance of sticking with whatever it is I’m doing.

The reason why meditation is simple is because it can be done anywhere, anytime, and by anybody. It requires no special equipment or space and can be done for as short or long as you like. Even a 30-second meditation can change the way you think and feel, let alone 30-minutes or more.

You can meditate while you are sitting, walking, eating, running, gardening, cooking, cleaning, waiting in a queue, or anytime you want. All that’s required is how you focus on what you are doing. The simplest meditation technique that can be used for this purpose is mindfulness meditation.

The second big tip about taming the mind through meditation is that it’s not about getting rid of your thoughts so that you can have an empty mind. The fact is the more you concentrate on trying to stop your mind from thinking, the more the mind will rebel against trying to be controlled.

That’s why if we want to tame the mind during meditation then we need to think of the mind as our friend. Instead of trying to control it, we simply accept our thoughts and feelings as they arise and then let them go without getting caught up in them.

By taking this one small step towards making peace with our mind through practising being non-judgmental towards it is precisely what enables the mind to start to naturally become quiet. In a sense, it’s learning to become the watcher of the mind rather than getting stuck in being the participant all the time.

When we take the time to use the mind to both watch our thoughts and be aware that we are watching our thoughts it gives the mind something to do that will help tame the mind in a very natural and healthy way.

The second job to give to the part of the mind that is watching the stream of thoughts come and go is to notice when the mind wanders from the focus of your meditation. When you notice this, simply bring your attention back to watching your thoughts come and go. Just like you would watch fluffy white clouds float by in a clear blue sky.

In reality, the mind is a vast space of emptiness and possibility that is capable of tremendous creativity and power – just like a clear blue sky. The only thing that limits what we can do with the mind is where we choose to focus it.

If you follow these simple meditation practices to help tame the mind you will soon notice that you’ll be enjoying more moments of clarity, calm, and inner peace without very much effort at all.

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