Secrets To Meditation For Men

Secrets To Meditation For Men PostAs the popularity of meditation continues to rise, I feel it’s timely to talk about some of the ways it can help especially when it comes to meditation for men.

I know when I first started out meditating just over 20 years ago it was mostly women who were into meditation and not so much men. I guess in those days it just wasn’t the “mucho” thing for a guy to do. But then, I never really cared about the stereo-types cast on men and women, and still don’t today.

Why Do Men Meditate?

Surprisingly, more men are meditating now than ever which I find very encouraging as the calmer and more balanced men are, the less violence we are likely to see in the world. But it’s not just good for guys to help them to deal with things in a less physical way, it also helps them to handle stress more effectively, sleep better and have more energy to do the things they love.

As men are not generally known for being comfortable sharing what’s going on for them emotionally, it doesn’t give them much room to deal with their emotions in a way that is healthy for them. Men tend to turn to sports or even hobbies like golf to help deal with their mental and emotional challenges but it’s not always enough.

Mostly, men need a way to be able to get out of their head for a short while each day so that they can re-connect to their inner calm and be better able to deal with daily stressors. That’s why meditation is becoming so popular – especially mindfulness meditation.

How Does Mindful Meditation Work?

Mindfulness meditation is essentially a tool for becoming more present from moment to moment. It enables you to become more aware of the thoughts, feelings and physical sensations that are happening right now and just by noticing them, they start to quiet down and relax.

Really, all our mind and body wants is for us to pay attention. It’s just that we get so busy and so distracted by the never-ending to-do lists and all the variety of people and mediums that demand our time like co-workers and emails. By stopping for a moment to notice what’s going on in the mind and body, we start to unwind from the high velocity that we’ve been running at.

As we stop and watch our thoughts and physical sensations with an attitude of acceptance and non-judgment, the mind starts to go quiet of it’s own accord. When that happens, then our brain sends out messages to our body to start relaxing and that’s how our focus and energy levels start to improve.

A Simple Guided Meditation For Men

How did you go? I hope that you had the chance to take this simple mindfulness meditation technique for a spin to see how it works for you. My rule of thumb for trying any new meditation techniques is to do it daily for 7 days before you decide to continue with it or not. Any less than that and you’re not really giving it enough time to settle into your body.

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