Secrets To Creating Your Own Meditation Space

Secrets To Creating Your Own Meditation Space Post ImageOne of the benefits of meditation is that it helps to create space in your head. It does this by giving you the means by which to unplug the busy mind for a few moments so you can center yourself and relax.

What helps to deepen your meditations and give you the edge in letting go of stressful thoughts or feelings is to create a special place where you can meditate in peace. When I first started out meditating, I used to meditate sitting up on my pillow in bed.

These days I have my own meditation room with all sorts of wonderous things that help me to relax deeply and have an almost sacred space where I won’t be easily disturbed. Every time I enter my meditation space it instantly  evokes a sense of calm and peacefulness in my mind and body.

It wasn’t always this way, though. I still recall when I was sharing a townhouse with a couple of friends and there was barely enough space to sleep in, let alone have my own meditation space. Not to mention that the noise levels varied dramatically depending on who was home and what they were doing.

So I also learned how to create a space for meditation regardless of where I was, or what I was doing. This proved to be a very wise decision over time as now I can meditate on a train, bus, plane, in a crowded place, or anywhere at all whether it is silent or extremely loud and busy.

If I have a choice though I will always choose to meditate in my meditation room, or somewhere that there is a room or space set up specifically for people to meditate in. Nothing beats having a special place that you can totally relax and feel like you are honoring yourself and your spirit.

Here are some simple tips on how to create your own heart-opening meditation space.

1. Choose a place that your most unlikely to be disturbed.

I know for me that if I get interrupted while meditating if can be quite a jolt. That’s why I prefer to have a room where I can close the door and hang up a sign on the door that says, “Meditating – back in 20 minutes”.

2. Create a space that is conducive to meditation.

This means no electronic devices, phones, TV’s, books, food, or anything that may distract you from meditating. I like to keep it simple by having my meditation cushion, candle light, and keep the temperature cooler rather than warmer so it’s easier to stay awake.

3. Keep the ambiance soothing.

You can use all your senses to help deepen your meditations. Try adding in some beautifully scented flowers, a house plant, or even zen water feature. These things and others like them can all help to soothe an over-stimulated nervous system.

4. Make it YOUR space.

As we all live in differing environments and circumstances do your best to personalize your space so that it has significance for you. For some, it might look like using incense and having crystals, while for others, it might look like a mini-shrine or a modified yoga studio.

5. It makes you feel happy.

Wherever you choose to meditate, make it a happy place. It’s a place where you can go and drop your ego at the door and allow your inner nature to shine brightly so that no matter what your day has looked like, or will look like, you are now entering a place of calm and joy.

Whatever your meditation space looks like, make the best of what you have. Then, over time, consider creating a special place for yourself both on the inside and the outside where you can dive deep into meditation. That’s when the fun really begins.

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