Secrets On Meditation To Release Anger

Secrets On Meditation To Release Anger PostAnger is one of the most misunderstood emotions that none of us get to escape from. For some people it can be devastating to their relationships, work or health if left unchecked, while for others it can be a reminder that something is not right and needs to be addressed.

We get angry about all sorts of things that have to do with people or experiences that annoy or frustrate us. Given the world that we live-in today and how fast things are moving, it’s no wonder that people are on edge so much of the time.

However, this doesn’t give us the right to project our anger onto the world around us. All this says about us is that we are blaming someone or something for how we are feeling, rather than taking responsibility for it. Until we step up and take ownership of our emotions, then we’ll always believe we are a victim of circumstance.

It’s Okay To Be Angry

You may not have been told this before but it’s okay to be angry. It’s a naturally occurring emotion that just needs a little bit of understanding so that we can transform it’s potentially explosive (or implosive) energy from being destructive in our lives, to being healthy and productive for us.

Typically, when we get angry it causes our mind and body to become stressed. When that happens then it not only affects our mental and physical health and well-being, it also impacts our work, relationships, and quality of life.

Anger is irrational. It causes the brain to bypass logical thinking and activates the body’s stress response which puts us into fight or flight mode.  When we are no longer thinking rationally then in a sense we default to a more primal way of behaving, which is when we can say and do things that may not be in our best interests.

If you watch what happens to infants or young children when they get angry you’ll notice that they have a temper tantrum, and then as quick as it started, it is over. They don’t hold onto it, or spend hours, days or weeks feeling bad about their outburst. For them it’s a totally natural experience, they get upset and they let it out – end of story.

This is exactly the place that we need to get back to… being okay with the fact that we get upset about things that we don’t like. The challenge is, as we get older and learn how to ‘behave ourselves’ and not show our anger in public for fear of being punished, we lose our connection with being natural with ourselves.

This is when we develop strategies to avoid or suppress our anger but unfortunately these are doomed to fail as there’s no way we can hold this energy in place for too long before something has to give. When that happens we either breakdown, or explode.

Anger Management Techniques That Work Fast

We have three natural emotional states and they are happiness, sadness and anger. What they all have in common is that they are energy in motion. Most people are okay with the energy that comes from happiness, but tend to judge or feel uncomfortable about being sad or angry.

Here’s a few ways to transform anger into an empowering, productive and healing energy that you can use in ways that help you to get ahead in your life, rather than holding you back.

1. Accept your anger as part of who you are.

It’s only your judgment of it that keeps you separate from it and pushing it away as you would an unwanted visitor. Instead, look at it as a friend that has come to tell you that something is not okay and needs to be addressed.

2. Move your body.

All anger wants is to be released. You have all this energy building up in your body and it just needs to be let out. The idea though is to let it out consciously instead of unconscious reactive behavior. This can include going for a walking it off, dancing it out, beating your fists into a pillow, or doing any sort of physical activity that drains your body of energy.

3. Don’t let it build up.

As soon as you notice that you are feeling frustrated or annoyed, then as soon as you can give yourself a few minutes to let the energy out and then go back and deal with whatever the situation was that was triggering your anger. Always wait until you feel calm and rational again before confronting anyone or responding to something that upset or annoyed you.

When you change the relationship you have with anger to one of compassion and understanding then life not gets easier for you, it also becomes a powerful healing energy force. Just as suppressing anger, or getting angry all the time for no reason is not healthy for the mind or body, releasing your anger in positive ways relaxes the mind and body and naturally improves your health.

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