Mindfulness and Work-Life Balance

Mindfulness and life work balance post imgWhether you work in a job, are you’re own boss, or you’re head of a corporate giant, it goes without saying that work-life balance is something that everyone could use a bit more of.

With technology advancing at increasingly faster rates and we not only have more access to the world around us, it’s also making us more accessible to our clients, bosses and anyone who is connected to us. This is all well and good but for many people it adds to the stress of their everyday lives, and in some cases can lead to overwhelm or burnout.

After working for myself now for over 10 years and running a company with more than 70 staff I’ve learned that to make sure that I wasn’t heading towards burnout and missing out on the things that matter most in my life I need to make time to be present during the day.

While it’s obviously important to plan ahead and spend time each day taking care of business so that you can pay the bills, build your future life and take care of your family, it’s also equally important to stop every now and then and remember to re-connect with yourself.

One of the best ways I’ve discovered to re-connect with myself is to take a few moments to be mindful of where I am and what’s going on. Now that can be mindfully sitting, mindfully walking, mindfully eating, mindfully listening, or anything at all that helps you to be present and focused in the moment.

When you do this, it brings all your energy back to being right here and now, instead of being scattered in a hundred and one directions because of all the ‘busyness’ and distractions vying for your attention.

The way our energy gets depleted is through our thoughts and emotions. These two parts of us feed of each other and when the mind is under stress and gets tense, then our emotions follow suit which then starts to impact our mental and physical health.

If this goes on for too long without taking the time to rest the mind and body long enough to get rid of excess stress and tension from the body, then it can affect our happiness, health, productivity, relationships, mood and even our sleep patterns.

That’s why I make sure to take several ‘time-outs’ during the day to mindfully meditate and clear my mind, which instantly gives me a fresh burst of energy as well as relaxes my body and helps me to be more focused and approach the demands of the day with a greater sense of calm.

Balancing that part of me that wants to ‘do’ all the time, with that part of me that needs to ‘be’ to stay in balance has been a work in progress for years. Along the way I have learned a great deal about myself and what motivated me to value doing more than being, which is what I now see so clearly that causes many people to stay stuck in stress.

It’s so easy to get caught up in never ending to-do lists, emails, social media, important calls and meetings, but at the end of the day when you go to bed at night do you really feel like what you did fulfilled you in any way? If it did, then breathe easy as you are on the right path for you. If it didn’t, then where can you allow more freedom to be true to yourself during the day?

It’s often said that love is the most important emotion in life and that at some level we are all driven by the need to love or be loved. What I’ve discovered though is that there is another quality even deeper than love that drives us and that’s the desire to be free. Free from worry, free from pain, free from doing what others expect of us, and most of all – free to be who we truly are.

Freedom is something that only we can give to ourselves. No-one can give it to us because if they did, then they’d also be able to take it away. As I have focused on creating more freedom in my life it has had a positive impact on every area of my life including where I live, how I live, what I choose to do with my time and the type of work I do and how frequently I do it.

None of this would have been possible though if I hadn’t learned how to free my mind from being obsessive, stressed, worried and a whole bunch of other traits that cause us to make decisions that keep our work-life balance in the toilet.

Meditation and mindfulness is by far the simplest and most convenient way I have found to step-back from the mind and create a new relationship with it that not only frees up your thinking so that you have more inspired and creative thoughts popping into your mind, but also to have more calm, focus and clarity.

When you take the time to enjoy the journey of your life along the way to whatever destinations you have in mind, then when you finally arrive at them, you’ll already be happy and fulfilled instead of waiting for it to possibly happen in the future.

The past has already happened and who knows about the future – it’s not guaranteed at all. What is guaranteed is that if you learn to be more present in your everyday life and activities, then this will be by far the greatest gift of life that you can give to yourself, your loved ones, your clients and everyone you come in contact with.

Give yourself permission to take a time-out to just be for five or ten minutes a few times a day and watch as your work-life balance soars to new heights of happiness, health and productivity.

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