Meditation Tips And Tricks To Make Life Easy

Meditation Tips And Tricks To Make Life Easy Post 1Life really is meant to be fun, which is why I’m sharing some of my very best meditation tips and tricks to make your life just that little bit easier.

These meditation for beginners tips can help you ease into getting comfortable with meditating so you can enjoy better health and well-being.

My Thoughts On How Long To Meditate

This is something that I get asked all the time so I thought I’d address this first. More important than how long you meditate is how you approach it. If you approach it as if it’s another task to do on a never-ending list of things to do, then it won’t matter about the length of time as it’ll lose it appeal real quick.

If you can, approach your meditation sessions with an attitude of fun and playfulness, and not something that’s meant to be taken seriously. Yes, be sincere about it as it has the power to change your life in ways that you can’t even imagine yet. But for the sake of our ego, the part of us that likes to be in control, we need to keep it light-hearted as it’s being asked to be side-lined while we meditate.

That’s why many people find it hard to sit still, or stop their mind from racing when they first start meditating… it’s because their ego is throwing a tantrum. During meditation we are in a sense asking a big part of our mind-body system to take a back seat while we practice being still and peaceful.

By making it light-hearted and fun, the part of us that believes that it is a waste of time and that it probably won’t work anyway (our inner-critic), it helps to calm it down in advance so that when we sit to meditate we can do so without feeling restless or agitated.

I started out doing 20 minutes a day meditating. Now I find it easy to do an hour or more at a time and it doesn’t matter if I am sitting, standing or laying down, my meditations are always fun and relaxing. Start off with what feels right for you and then gradually extend it to at least 20 minutes a day for maximum benefits.

 7 Meditation Tips And Tricks For Beginners Video

Was this helpful? I hope that these seven meditation tips and tricks  gave you some new insights into not only making meditating easier and more fun for you, but to help set you up for the long-term health, vitality and well-being that it provides.

Until I started meditating, I never would have believed that so many amazing adventures and gifts would have unfolded from something that from the outside looks like you’re doing nothing. There really are silent powers at work that meditation helps us to access by creating new neural pathways to our brain that magnetize so many wondrous things into our lives.

If you’re reading this then chances are you are one of the rare few that are ready to free your mind and unleash your inner true potential for happiness, health, prosperity and beyond.

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