Meditation Technique For Self Esteem

Meditation Technique For Self Esteem PostMany people ask me how to do a meditation technique for self-esteem that will help them to feel better about themselves. This will help you with your confidence even if you have never meditated before.

The Key To Improving Self Worth

To truly understand how to change the way we look at ourselves that may cause us to think poorly or negatively about who we are, it’s worthwhile to consider how we ended up with these ideas in the first place.

Nobody is born with low self-esteem. It’s something that we do to ourselves over time. The great news about this is that if we can learn to have low self-esteem, then we can also unlearn it. All it takes is to make a decision to no longer be a victim of our past thoughts and beliefs.

In the past we may have had our belief in ourselves shaken to the core by any number of experiences or events that reinforced how powerless, hopeless, or inferior we  felt. This then results in an over-identification with the parts of our self that we judge the most as not being okay, or good enough.

Really, these are just stories that we tell ourselves over and over again in our head. The problem is that we believe the stories so that holds them firmly in place in our mind and in our lives.

Just by letting go of these stories and the judgmental part of our mind, we can start to be more loving and accepting of who we are. Then, our sense of self worth will naturally improve.

Just by doing this meditation on a daily basis, your self-esteem will naturally start to improve. This will also bring a greater sense of calm and confidence to other areas of your life as well as having a positive impact on all your relationships.

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