Meditation On Love For Busy People

Meditation On Love For Busy People PostIf you meditate, eventually you will come to know a deeper love. Not just the love for another either, the love you have for yourself will also blossom.

Meditation on love is really more about just meditating until you find that the mind starts to quiet and the heart starts to open – that’s when a deeper sense of love starts to appear.

Meditation For Love And Abundance

Love and abundance really go hand-in-hand. Most people think of abundance as financial wealth. The problem with this definition is that if your finances are not good, then where is the abundance in your life? When we have a mind-set that all life is abundant, and there is no lack, then we open to an abundance of love.

Just by meditating daily for 10 to 20 minutes you are giving yourself the opportunity to tap into the abundance of calm, clarity and focus you need to live the life of your dreams, rather than settling for second best. It doesn’t really matter what type of meditation you do as long as it helps you to quiet the mind and relax your body.

A really simple meditation for abundance is to own the abundance of life in as many moments as you can remember. Don’t forget that right now there is an abundance of air to breathe, an abundance of sun to keep the planet warm, an abundance of money flowing to and from bank accounts all over the world, and an abundance of water, sky, trees, food and so much more.

Take a few minutes several times throughout the day to stop for a moment and think of as many things as you can think of that there is an abundance in the world. Then, as you breathe in silently repeat to yourself, “Breathing-in, I receive abundance”. Then as you breathe out, repeat to yourself, “Breathing-out, I give abundance”.

In the audio below I will share a few more tips on meditation on love and how you can open up to enjoy more unconditional love in your life, and how that would look and feel.

Unconditional Love Meditation Secrets

How did you go? A love that is born from the mind will always be conditional because the minds job is to analyse and judge things. A love that flows from meditation comes from the heart and has a quality to it that uplifts everything it touches both inside you and around you. This is what is called – unconditional love.

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