Meditation And Hearing Your Soul

Meditation The Soul Whisperer PostWhether you have found a way to hear what your Soul is saying to you or not, perhaps something that I share with you today will help to make this connection even stronger. One of the most powerful tools that helped me to connect with my Soul in a very permanent way is meditation.

Before I started out on my meditation journey I never really gave much thought to anything other than making money, having a good time, and enjoying everything the world had to offer. In other words, I was purely ego-driven and had no concept of my spirit at all.

Then, as I started meditating and doing personal growth workshops and seminars, I soon found myself thinking about and experiencing things that literally blew my mind away. The more I meditated and delved deeper into what else might exist beyond my mind and body, the more I knew I had found my passion in life.

How To Listen To Your Soul

It’s hard to say when exactly, but at some point on my meditation journey I started becoming aware that there was something other than my mind trying to connect with me. I suddenly started getting these really strong impulses to do things that didn’t make a whole bunch of sense at first.

Even though I wasn’t sure what was going on, I started to follow these impulses just to see what would happen. That’s when I started to see the synchronicity in what was going on. From the people I would connect with, to the experiences I would end up having – it all made perfect sense once I had  honored my inner voice.

At first, the Soul may come through as an intuitive knowing, or an impulse to say or do something. It’s the opposite of what your head says to you because that is the part of you that deals in logic and what is known. I also refer to this as your ego self. Over time we can learn to turn down the ego talk and turn up the volume on our Soul.

Meditation helped me to quiet my mind so that I could be more present in my body. In this space of stillness, which can happen even if you are not meditating, it became easy to tune into my Soul. Of course, this does not mean that this will work for everyone, but it’s a great truth that the more caught up you get in your mind and emotions, the less space you will have to hear your Soul.

Connecting with your Soul starts with having the intention to meet it. It also helps to be curious about trying out different ways to get to know it and develop a relationship with it. As long as you have these two things then there’s no reason that you won’t get to hear your Soul.

It’s easiest to hear your Soul when you are not distracted by disturbances in your mind or body. That’s why meditation helps. But it can be just as easy to hear your Soul when you are walking along the beach, sitting under a tree, or brushing your teeth and forgetting about yourself for a minute.

Why Do We Need To Connect With Our Soul?

SoulWhen we don’t take the time to listen to our Soul then all we are left with is our ego. Now, our ego is somewhat of a nut job as it lives in the world of duality and the need for validation. It will never be satisfied with what it has and is constantly living in the past or the future – and rarely lives in the present. It also couldn’t give a damn about your life’s purpose or passion as it’s more concerned with staying with what’s comfortable.

The Soul journey is the one that we are all born to live. It’s the journey that is never safe and never comfortable because it wants you to live on purpose and on-fire. A Soul-orientated life is one that you get to live your highest potential, step into the most authentic version of yourself, and enjoy a life full of magic and miracles.

I have learned that my Soul doesn’t always make sense – in fact, it rarely does because only the mind tries to make sense of what it doesn’t understand. Instead, when my Soul speaks to me I do my best to say yes to it and then just trust that I’m headed in the right direct. Trust plays a big part in hearing your Soul because you have to learn to be okay with the unknown.

Your Soul always knows what you need to do – not necessarily what you want to do. What we want is sometimes not in alignment with our life-journey, or in fact in our best interest from a happiness or health perspective. Our Soul is always guiding us on the path that will bring us closer to who we are – all we need to do is acknowledge it and follow it.

The best part is even if we never follow one iota of what our Soul is guiding us to do – it never stops trying. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of readiness. There are many reasons why we may not be ready to follow our highest destiny – and that’s okay. From the Souls point of view, there’s no rush as it has eternity.

So if you find that you’re not ready to step into the flow of your life and tap into your Soul journey then let it go for now. But if you are ready, and you are ready to embrace your fullness, release all your limiting beliefs, and become the most authentic version of yourself – then go for it.

I wouldn’t swap my Soul journey for anything in the world. It has given me a sense of belonging in the world that I can’t even describe as I now know that the place I call home is within me. It has taken me on so many amazing adventures into places and meeting unconventional people that my ego self would never have let me experience.

It also helped me to unleash my creative genius and follow my heart and spirit without hesitation. It’s not always easy walking the path of your Soul as it can sometimes be incredibly direct about wanting you to face issues that you’d rather avoid – but that is where the real magic happens. As I step into my stuff – it gets lighter.

I hope that this has helped to shed some light on how you can start to deepen your relationship with your Soul and get onboard the most phenomenal transformation journey of your life. It’s going to happen one day anyway, it’s just a matter of when really.

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