I Love Meditation And Here’s Why

I Love Meditation And Here Why PostI love to meditate. Many people who get started with meditation do so because they want to create more calm and balance in their lives. I totally get this and understand this motivation – this is not why I meditate though.

I meditate because it helps me to dive deeper into those parts of me that I don’t even know exist. Some might call this the search for spiritual awakening, but I prefer to call it a path of self-realization.

The Importance Of Meditation

Obviously meditation is going to mean different things to different people – and that’s the way it’s meant to be. Even though I’ve been meditating for 20+ years and have studied over 180 different meditation techniques, it’s actually quite challenging to define what meditation actually is.

The reason for this is because what most people think is meditation, is instead the meditation techniques that people use to try and learn to meditate. Anything that you focus on to help get into a meditative state is a meditation technique.

Meditation is what happens once the mind stop chattering in the background and a deep stillness and silence arises inside you. That’s when meditation happens.  The importance of understanding this is that meditation techniques are just keys to help quiet the mind long enough do that meditation can happen.

Are There Levels Of Meditation?

The answer to this is yes and no. Let me first explain what my definition of meditation is. Meditation is love. Not the human concept of love, which is all too often clouded by expectations, conditions, and preconceived fantasies based on what we see in the movies, or read in books. It’s more the love that cannot be explained by words yet it is evident because it’s what all life is made up of.

This love, can be experienced by anyone at anytime, and all that we need to experience it for ourselves is for us to still the mind. No thoughts, no feelings, just 100% presence of being. When the mind becomes quiet, only then does it becomes possible for us to fall into a new level of awareness called our witness consciousness.

This is the part of you and I that is not attached to the mind or body, yet it is aware of them. All of us have had an experience of this part of us whether we want to acknowledge it or not. It’s that part of you that knows you are reading this text, yet it is not the mechanism of the eyes and brain that are looking at and interpreting what is being read.

Now this might sound a little ‘out there’ but I promise you all of us are aware that there is a part of us that sits in the background and observes everything we see, feel, think, taste, touch or do. Most of the time we are so busy with our lives that we forget it is there, but even now if you stop for a moment and ask yourself what part of you is aware that your eyes are moving when you move them, then you will start to connect to it.

How Deep Is Your Love?

how deep is your loveWhat if there were no limits to the amount of love and joy you could invite into your life? What if there was an ocean of love that existed deep inside the center of your heart that was depthless? Would your mind reject the possibility so that you can continue to live with the notion that all you are is your mind and body? Or, would you listen to your heart and ask her how much love she had to share?

When we understand that meditation is love, then it gets easy to find many sources of meditation. For example, anytime you feel your heart open with love, kindness, or compassion, then you are meditating on love. The only difference is that it is coming from your heart and not your head.

Most meditation techniques teach us to quiet the mind to meditate, but the heart can also be used. The more quiet the mind is and the longer the mind stays still, the deeper we can move into a meditative space. This space of love and peace is always there inside us, and around us, waiting to be enjoyed.

That’s why you don’t have to ‘do’ anything special to meditate. In fact, the less you do, the better, as meditation is about being, not doing. Every meditation technique that exists has just one purpose and that is to get you out of your head long enough that meditation can happen.

For me, meditation is such an amazing path of inner and outer transformation. Not only has it helped me to awaken my creative genius, trust my intuition without hesitation, and become a risk-taker in all areas of my life which helped me to become a conscious entrepreneur and leader, it has also given me a deep sense of calm and peace that lasts  most of the day.

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