How To Go From Stressed To Zen In Just 10 Minutes

How To Go From Stressed To Zen In Just 10 MinutesStress is not necessarily a bad thing to have in your life. It only becomes an issue when you either get too little, or too much of it. We all need some pressure each day to help motive us to do things. This could be the pressure of getting up early to get the kids ready for school, the pressure to get to work on time, or the pressure to go exercise to stay fit and fabulous.

Too little stress means that we would most likely have little to no motivation to want to do anything. Without some form of pressure on us be it mental, physical or emotional, then we are unlikely to take action on things in a timely fashion.

On the other hand, too much pressure can cause us to go into overwhelm. Those are the times when you feel like you are suffocating from the inside-out and that you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. If this keeps up for too long, then it’s just a matter of time before something breaks down, or breaks apart.

Getting the right mix of stress in your life is easier than you think. By training the mind to be more resilient to stress we in effect become better at handling it. This training includes learning how to not get so caught up in the chatter in our head and instead maintain a relaxed awareness of our thoughts and feelings.

Obviously, this is easier said than done. However, like any training you undertake, the more consistent you are with it the sooner you see results.

Here are four simple steps to go from stressed to Zen in 10 minutes or less a day.

1. Acknowledge: The first step in reducing stress is to take a moment to acknowledge that you are in fact feeling stressed out. Don’t wait until you’re up to your eyeballs in stress and anxiety before you stop for a moment to check-in with yourself. Set a reminder on your phone or in your calendar to check-in with yourself several times during the day.

2. Breathe: Take several slow, deep breaths. If you can, breathe all the way down into your belly. It doesn’t matter if you do this for 10 seconds or 10 minutes. What matters is that you break the stress cycle that is happening in your mind and body.

3. Choose: Choose to step back from your thoughts and feelings for a few moments and just give them some space to be. This simply means to observe your breaths coming in and moving out of the body. You can do this for 1as short or long as you like but if you can fit in around 10 minutes in total per day then you are well on your way to less stress and more life.

4. Do: Do this as many times as you need to during your busy day. the more rushed and overwhelmed you feel, the more times you need to do it.

Just by practicing these 4 simple steps to go from stressed to Zen you will help reduce stress from the mind and body. By taking a few Zen moments out of our busy schedules, we bring a sense of calm and balance back to our lives.

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