How To Go From Panic To Peace In Minutes With Meditation

How To Go From Panic To Peace In Minutes With Meditation Post ImageIt’s so easy nowadays to fall into the trap of worrying about things that may or may not happen in the future or stressing about things that can cause us to go into overwhelm. It’s those times when you find yourself getting short of breath or getting lost in apprehension and worry.

That can come from something as simple as feeling burdened by the demands of the day to dealing with work or family issues that demand your attention. To a certain extent, anxiety is always going to be a part of our lives. It’s hard-wired into our nervous system as a way to warn us of something that we may need to pay attention to.

The challenge is to not allow stress or anxiety to suck us into a downward spiral of fear and negativity. Once that happens, then our mental, physical, and emotional well-being are in jeopardy.  The way to not let that happen is to have at least one good coping strategy to help stay calm and clear-headed.

Secrets To Meditation And Anxiety Coping Tools

In a number of scientific studies, mindfulness meditation has been shown to reduce the symptoms of anxiety.  It helps people who get caught up in unproductive thoughts and feelings of worry to change the way they relate to their mind.  The result is that they learn to notice their worrisome thoughts and let go of those that serve no purpose.

Mindfulness also teaches you how to step back from the busy mind that gets so easily distracted and pause for a moment to allow any energy attached to those thoughts to come and go without getting stuck in the body. It’s actually quite a simple skill that anyone can learn to do, even kids.

All it takes is for you to slow down for a moment and become aware of what you are thinking or feeling. The moment you do that you break the old habitual mental patterns that cause stress and anxiety to be released.

There’s one additional step though that needs to happen for mindfulness to be effective. You must anchor your awareness to something that is grounded in the here and now. Most people tend to use their breath because it’s really hard to judge the breath when it happens all the time anyway.

You simply watch the breath move in and out of the body paying particular attention to how it feels as it moves up the nostrils and comes out of the nostrils. By bringing your attention to something that is neither positive or negative to you it allows the brain to start to chill out and unwind.

Of course, there are others ways to be present-focused such as being aware of any physical sensations, listening to the sounds going on around you with an attitude of non-judgement, or paying attention to your body while sitting or walking. What matters is that the object of your focus is 100% in the present.

The last thing to mention is that it’s really important to clear the mind and body from any accumulated energy that stress and anxiety may have created in you over the course of the day. The way to do this is to move your body. Dance, skip, jog, shake, or do anything at all that you enjoy that will help to move any negative energy from your body.

Active meditations are great for this purpose. I use them all the time, especially if I’m feeling flat or tired at the end of the day. they always leave me feeling centered and energized.

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