How To Connect To Your Inner Voice Through Meditation

How To Connect To Your Inner Voice Through Meditation Post Image OPOne of the most empowering things you can do for yourself is to live authentically. To be authentic means to remain true to who you are at the core of your being. The challenge with this is that not everyone is in touch with their innermost being.

How then do you stay true to yourself and forge a deeper relationship with your inner self? One of the things to remember is to always listen to your inner voice. This is the voice that is usually the first one that speaks up when it’s time to make a decision about what you would like to do or be.

What tends to happen though is that our inner voice can get drowned out by some of the other voices in our head that belong to our ego self. These voices are the ones that are conditioned to hold us back from being who we truly are. They are typically bound by limited and negative thinking and stem from our past beliefs about what we can be, do, or have.

The way you can tell if you are listening to your inner voice or your ego self is that your ego self will always listen to what others think you can or can’t be which will result in your leading your life according to what they say.

These others can be your parents telling you what you can or can’t be, your teachers telling you what you can or can’t be, and even your friends or lover telling you what or who you can or can’t be. As long as you live your life according to what other’s have influenced you to be, then you will never have any fulfillment.

Be True To Your Inner Voice

Through meditation, you can start to quiet the mind and move beneath the surface of the mind where the noise of the voices that belong to your past all try to have their say in your life. Once you go beneath the surface of the mind, suddenly things start to quiet down and a stillness arises.

In the stillness, the opportunity arises for you to become aware of a deeper connection within yourself. As you connect to your inner being the only true voice that belongs to you becomes crystal clear. In this space, clarity, and focus happen naturally and the answers to all your questions become apparent.

Your inner voice may not always be logical or make sense to you but then it’s not supposed to. You’re just meant to follow it. Whatever you are meant to be or do in this life must be what makes your heart and Soul sing. It must never be what anybody else wants from you.

It may be that your parents wanted you to go to college and study to be a doctor, yet inside it leaves you feeling incomplete and unfulfilled. You may want to be a writer or a musician but you’ve taken on the belief that you need to do something sensible with your life, like being a doctor. Yet, inside you are dying.

To be authentic means to be true to yourself. No matter what the cost. Others may disagree with you, or get angry at you, or even leave you for living your truth yet if you don’t give this gift to yourself, then your life will be utterly miserable on some level.

Those that listen to their inner voice and develop a relationship with it that gives it room to breathe and exist in their life are destined to experience a contentment and joy in their life that no amount of money or power could ever buy.

Meditation is the perfect tool to set aside 15 or 20 minutes a day to go inside and find your inner voice amongst the silence. Then, each day listen to that voice as it arises from moment to moment and start to follow it without hesitation. The more you listen to it and follow it, the richer and fuller your life will be.

Being yourself is the most rewarding thing you will ever be in your life. Your not compromising yourself in any way or imposing anything that you are not. You’re just being true to who you are whatever it takes and whatever you need to risk. Thi sis not an easy path in our world but what else are you here to do if not be true to yourself?

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