How Do You Know If You Are Good At Meditating Or Not?

How Do You Know If You Are Good At Meditating Or Not Post ImageSome people either stop meditating or give-up trying because they weren’t able to get their mind to shut up. Others try meditation but think that they are no good at it – mostly because of something that they are not sure about.

Whoever said that anyone can be good at meditation and what does that even mean? No-one can be good at meditation. To be good at something it means you need to compare it to something else that is bad. There’s no goal in meditation because the moment you look to achieve something out of it you’ve completely missed the point.

No-one can be good at meditation because the idea of good and bad is not relevant when it comes to meditating. That is a construct of the mind that is intended to trick you into believing that it’s not working for you. The reality is that the mind and meditation are polar opposites.

The mind is made up of what you know and the beliefs that you have around things. Meditation is beyond the mind. It is a natural state of harmony that arises when you are not caught up in thoughts, feelings or physical sensations that are distracting you.

You actually can’t ‘do’ anything to make meditation happen. It happens when you’re ready to let go of being in control of your mind and body. So the things that people judge as not working for them when they meditate are simply a judgment on an expectation they have of how it should look or feel.

The Shocking Yet Simple Truth About Meditation

I remember having all sort of crazy thoughts and emotions arise when I first started meditating. Sometimes I would feel calm and relaxed but other times I’d feel unsettled and watching the clock. I wondered whether I was sitting right or if I was breathing correctly.

I really didn’t have a clue about how it worked or if it was working for me. The biggest thing I noticed though was that I had a tendency to judge my meditations as good or bad. The crazy part was that no-one was watching whether I was good at this or not – it was all in my head!

The reality is that the only thing that gets in the way of meditation is the mind. The mind hates being quiet as that means that is not needed – so what is it going to do? That’s why it throws out every possible mental, physical, and emotional obstacle to try and get you to stop doing it.

Your subconscious can even manifest you getting sick or having aches and pains arise while you meditate to remind you that it’s not good for you. I call this the sabotaging mind. It’s the same part of your mind that tries to stop you from making changes in your life that you know will be good for you.

The sabotaging mind is held together by powerful emotional attachments that are based in fear. That’s why when you go to change an old habit or addiction that is not good for you there are so many obstacles that appear in your way.

Meditation is one of the best habits you can adopt for your mind and body which is why the subconscious mind likes to do its best to get in the way. Don’t be too concerned though because as long as you persist with meditation your subconscious will eventually tow the line.

The truth about meditation is that it is one of the most powerful tools for inner and outer transformation. Nothing bad or negative can ever come happen from meditating – nothing! However, your life will change in so many positive ways that it will rock your world.

Your ego wants you to stay with what you know and are comfortable with – even if it’s not healthy for you. The ego hates change and will do whatever it takes to sabotage your happiness, health, prosperity, love and just about anything you can think of to not give up any of its hold on you.

When you meditate your ego is not required. In fact, it gets to take a well-earned rest so that your brainwaves can slow down and enter into a deeply relaxed state. In other words, to meditate you need to use tools and techniques like watching the breath so that your ego is in a sense lulled into a calm state.

Once your ego is out of the way then meditation happens naturally. That’s when you get to experience ever deepening states of inner peace and joy. It’s not coming from doing anything it’s coming from your mind and ego getting out of the way.

That’s why mindfulness and meditation techniques are important. They are just devices to quiet the mind by distracting it with things to focus on to keep it focused on being present. Being present is hard for the mind as it only ever lives in the past or future.

So the real training of the mind is just to help it to stay focused on the present moment by using an anchor that exists in real-time. Just by doing that, your mind will naturally start to quiet because it is not all over the place. Then, meditation will happen of its own accord.

Trying to control the mind is a waste of time. Instead, work on changing the relationship you have with your mind by seeing it for what it is and accepting it’s nature rather than judging it or getting caught up in it. Consistency, discipline, and commitment to your meditation practice is what is needed to overcome any obstacle.

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