How Couples Meditation Can Improve Your Love Life

How Couples Meditation Can Improve Your Love LifeOne of the things that most couples strive to have in their relationship is more quality time together. More often than not each person has their own ideas on what that means and sometimes it falls short of what the other expects.

Quality time is when you give your undivided attention to your partner. You turn off the TV, move away from your computer, shut your book, and stop being distracted by the millions of things going on in your life. This is a time of fun and sacredness between you and your lover. If you’re unable to do that, then your relationship is in deep trouble.

When your partner doesn’t feel seen, heard or loved, then this is a warning signal that you are not giving them your undivided attention. If this goes on for long enough then the relationship suffers and you start to feel like two strangers who just share a home together.

Quality time is all about connecting to your partner mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It’s also about being 100% present in a non-judgmental way so that you can both feel safe to drop your regular defense mechanisms of the mind and relax totally in each others presence.

Couples meditation is a simple, yet powerful way to open your heart and mind to your partner. It allows you to connect with each other at an ever-deepening level of intimacy that will bring more love and sex into your lives.

A Dose of Daily Meditation For Couples

I look at couples meditation as a powerful way to open deeper to love. Meditation is a tool to help you become more centered and present in the moment. That’s why it’s the perfect way to share these moments of presence with someone else who is doing exactly the same.

The meditations that work best for couples are those that help you to connect with your heart. Once you become aware of your heart then you automatically start to feel the flow of love and joy arising within you. Then, it’s simply a matter of sharing this heartfelt space with your lover.

Here’s a simple Heart-Opening meditation for couples to practice.

Step 1. Sit crossed-legged on a cushion facing your partner with your knees touching. If that is too uncomfortable, then sit in chairs.

Step 2. Gently gaze into your partner’s eyes and focus on harmonizing your breaths so that you are breathing in synch with each other.

Step 3. Lightly place your right hand over your lover’s heart so that it is gently resting on their chest.

Step 4. Now visualize or imagine that your heart is pouring love out through your chest, down your right arm, through the palm of your right hand and into the heart of your partner. If it helps, you can visualize this love as a warm and nurturing, liquid golden light. Keep gazing into your partner’s eyes.

Step 5. Continue to do this for at least 5-minutes or for as long as you feel guided to do so.
Step 6. Once you remove your hand from your partner’s heart take a few moments to be together with eyes closed and feel your connection and love for yourself, and at the same time, your connection and love for your partner.
If you find that your day has been filled with disagreements or challenges with each other, then this simple heart-opening meditation is a perfect nonverbal way to be together and find harmony while dissolving any difficulties.
If you make the time to meditate daily with your partner then not only will this become a beautiful way for you to connect together, it will also encourage your hearts to keep opening to deeper and deeper levels of love and intimacy.

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