Different Meditation Techniques For Couples

Different Meditation Techniques For Couples PostDid you know that there are a wide variety of different meditation techniques for couples that can radically improve intimate relationships?

If you’re in a relationship you obviously want it to be as intimate and harmonious as possible. Inevitably though, issues arise. These can be many and varied, or simply just a case of feeling unloved or unappreciated. The result is always the same though we end up feeling distant or detached.

Meditation Exercises For Couples

Couples meditation is a great way to come together with your partner to relax and connect in a way that helps you to feel closer to each other. Not only does meditating together help you feel better about yourself, recent studies have shown that couples who meditate together become more accepting and compassionate with each other.

If you find there’s been disagreements or conflict, or you’re not getting to spend much quality time together to strengthen your connection with each other, then meditating together at least once a week is a good idea. Even if you have a difficult subject to discuss, then meditate together first as it will help relax and center you for the discussion.

Couples meditation is not just about helping to smooth out turbulent times in relationships. It’s also a beautiful thing to do prior to love-making. Meditation helps you to have mind-blowing sex because it helps to lower stress levels in the body, which increases sexual desire.

Then when you add in the fact that meditation makes you more present and less distracted, then this sets the stage for more sensual and meaningful love-making sessions.

Simple Meditation Techniques For Couples Video

How did you go? I hope that you had the chance to experience a deep heart-felt connection of love and joy that this simple 5-minute meditation for couples offers. Meditating with someone you love is such a beautiful experience that once you taste it for yourself, you’ll be left wanting more and more.

If intimacy and closeness are important to you in a relationship, then meditating together is the perfect habit for you both to get into. Even meditating together once a week for 10 or 20 minutes is enough to smooth out any mounting tension and open the doors to more satisfying and fulfilling relationships.

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