Cultivating Mindfulness For Happy And Healthy Living

Cultivating Mindfulness For Happy And Healthy Living PostIt seems that these days everyone from students to movie stars are getting on the mindfulness bandwagon. It’s no surprise really considering just how easy it is to feel centered and relaxed from just a few minutes of being mindful of the day.

5 Key Elements of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is nothing new as it’s been around in various forms for thousands of years. Yet, if you look around the world today you’ll notice that people seem to feel more rushed than ever before.
It’s not that we need to rush, it’s more that technology has made it easier for us to get things done faster, so we are used to mentally moving at a faster pace.

The problem with the mind always being on-the-go is that it causes us to tense up on the inside and unless we do something to release this tension, then we are highly likely to end up having a mental, physical, or emotional breakdown.

That’s why mindfulness is such a powerful tool for our inner health and happiness. Just by learning to step back from our thoughts and feelings for a short space of time each day, it can help to rest the mind and relax the body so that they can recharge.

The key elements of mindfulness that help you to quiet the mind and enjoy more calm and focus are:

1. To know that you are not just your mind and body – you are also awareness.

2. To have an attitude on non-judgment towards your thoughts and feelings so that they have less power to control your moods or physical state.

3. To be more accepting of the ways things are so that you can stop trying to change things that can’t be changed.

4. To have less attachment to things that don’t really matter. By developing the knack of being able to let-go of negative thoughts or feelings life becomes more flowing.

5.  To be more present. When we allow ourselves to pay attention to the present moment then our mind stays clear and our awareness is expanded. That’s when it gets easier to solve any problems that might come your way, and our body stays relaxed and energized.

How To Improve Mindfulness


Being mindful is actually quite a natural thing to do. In fact, what we tend to think about most of the time during the day is anything but natural as the mind literally gets pulled in hundreds of different directions every hour depending on what internal, or external influences, are demanding our time.

As you get more familiar with keeping your attention on 1 thing at a time for as short or long as you want, then it becomes easier to naturally stay calm and relaxed, regardless of what’s going on around you. I call this being centered.

Being centered is one of the most powerful ways to go through life. It helps the mind to stay clear, alert, and focused, while enabling your body to stay healthy and relaxed. What’s interesting though is that we can never be centered in our head. That’s because the mind lives in the past or the future – never the present.

Once we quiet the mind, then our energy moves down in our body to a place called our ‘one-point’, or ‘hara’, as it is also known. This is a place just below our navel where when we are centered we feel a connection to the earth which grounds us in the present moment.

Just by being present in your body you cultivate mindfulness. Think about those times when you have eaten food, driven your car, or gone for a walk, only to have realized at the end of it that you really weren’t present while you were doing it.

The mind can distract us so quickly and frequently that most of the time we are not even aware that we are being led down a rabbit-hole of worry, negativity, or stressful thinking until we go into a state of overwhelm from stress.

The great news though is that if you can practice at least 20 minutes of mindfulness meditation a day, then you’ll certainly be developing a habit that will bring massive health and happiness benefits to you.

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