Can You Meditate Lying Down?

Can You Meditate Lying Down PostToday’s post will be extremely helpful if you have ever wondered if you can meditate lying down.

Before you try to meditate lying down, it’s worthwhile consider a few things.

What Is The Best Position For Meditation?

Meditation can be broken down into two distinct types. The first is ‘active’ meditation and the second is ‘passive’ meditation. Obviously, with the first type of meditation it can be done in a variety of ways depending upon the activity you do.

It could be a dancing meditation, walking meditation, eating meditation, jogging meditation, or any number of ways to meditate while doing something. These types of meditation are best suited for people who find it hard to sit still and meditate. It’s far easier to quiet the mind and experience deep meditative states when you do something physical first.

With passive meditations they can be done sitting crossed legged on a cushion on the floor,  sitting in a comfy chair, standing, or even lying down. Sitting on a cushion on the floor with the spine straight and the body relaxed is one of the best ways to meditate if you are able to comfortably sit still.

If sitting down to meditate is too painful or uncomfortable, then perhaps lying down would be a better option. I’ll go into more detail in how best to approach a lying down meditation in the audio below.

How To Meditate Laying Down

How did you go? Hopefully these simple tips for meditating while lying down is as helpful to you as it has to me over the years I have been meditating. I love to meditate laying down and have some of the most amazing meditative experiences using this method.

Do your best to stay alert during the meditation but if you don’t, don’t worry about it it’s perfectly normal. Once you’ve been meditating for awhile you’ll find it’ll get easier to stay alert and be more conscious during your meditation.

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