Best Meditation Techniques For Beginners

Best meditation Techniques For Beginners PostToday you are going to learn the best meditation techniques for beginners to get started with so you can enjoy your meditation experience.

If you’ve ever wondered what meditation is all about and how you can try it out for yourself, then this will help you to do so with confidence.

A Few Of The Best Ways To Meditate

Before we look at the best meditation techniques to use to get fast results I want to talk about some of the best ways to meditate. Many people have the belief that to meditate you have to be sitting cross-legged on the floor and be still for hours on end. While there are obviously people who do this, they tend to be the ones that have chosen meditation as their life path.

This path is typically not for those of us that have to work for a living, raise families and have the responsibilities of everyday householders.  Instead, we need to find a way to include our meditation sessions into our daily schedules. Typically, this is best done first thing in the morning, or in the evening.

I’m a big fan of using a cushion to meditate on but for those of you who have knee or back issues I’d recommend you use a comfortable chair. If you can use a chair that keeps your spine straight that’s even better, if not, don’t sweat it just go with what works.

Try not to lie down to meditate as you’ll probably fall asleep. That’s okay if you are doing a sleeping meditation and it’s bed-time. But if it’s not, then one of the benefits of meditating while awake is that you are re-training the mind to focus in new ways that help you to quiet the mind, relax the body and be more present in your life.

It’s best to stick to the same time each day whenever possible and do your best to make sure you are not disturbed by people, devices or other such intrusions. This is your time for you. The more you value giving yourself space to clear your mind and find some inner peace, the more likely it is to happen.

Start with a 5 minute meditation and then extend it by one minute a week until you get to 20 minutes a day. By gradually increasing the length of your meditation it will help to make it easier for the mind and body to get accustomed to it.

A Simple Meditation Technique For Beginners

How did you go? I hope this simple 4 stage meditation technique helped you to get a feel for just how easy it is to focus the mind to become more present and calm in a matter of minutes. Meditation really is a lot of fun once you get into the swing of it and the benefits of consistent meditation are massive.

From better health and happiness, to less stress and more peace of mind, there are so many good reasons to learn to meditate and make it part of your everyday life. Don’t just take my word for it though, give it a go for at least 7 days before you decide one way or the other if it’s for you or not.

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