A Simple Mindful Meditation For Busy People

A Simple Mindful Meditation For Busy People Post 1These days it’s harder to find someone that’s not busy, than someone who is. Being busy doesn’t necessarily mean that we are being productive or effective in our work, relationships, health, happiness, or other areas of our life.

Sometimes, we just get so caught up in rushing through the day trying to get things done that we forget to take time-out to clear our head and recharge our depleted energy levels. The biggest challenge any of us face it to not let excess stress and tension build up to point where it becomes detrimental to your health and well-being. 

Stress Is A Natural Part Of Life

A certain amount of stress is a natural part of everyday life. It can help us to stay focused and be motivated to get things done. The problem occurs when we get over-stressed. That’s when we find ourselves at risk of making mistakes, losing our cool, developing health issues, and having problems in our relationships.

It wasn’t until I started meditating in my mid twenties that I began to get my own stress levels under control. Even though my days were crazy busy and I was stressed out to the max by madly trying to keep up with all my tasks, commitments, deadlines and just keeping on track with things, I found that by adding meditation into my daily routine life got easier.

Starting the day with a 10 or 20 minute meditation helps to step into the day from a place of being centered and clear headed before the hustle and bustle of the day begins.  This helps to create a mental and physical buffer against whatever pressures the day may bring.

A Simple Meditation For Busy People

Find somewhere comfortable to sit, where you’re not likely to be interrupted, for at least 5 to 10 minutes. Allow your hands to rest comfortably on the arms of your chair or your legs with your palms facing upwards.

The close your eyes and take 3 slow, deep breaths – all the way down to your belly. Then let your breath return to it’s natural  rhythm.  Now bring your awareness to the center of your left palm. keep your focus on that part of your body for the next few minutes.

If you find that you mind is wandering to other thoughts, feelings or what’s happening around you, that’s okay – allow it. Then gently bring your attention back to focusing on the centre of your left palm. If you notice that your left palm starts to tingle, feel warm, feel heavier, or any sensation at all – just allow it as that’s perfectly normal.

By focusing your attention on one part of the body it helps to train the mind to be more present as our body is the only part of us that lives in the present moment. The mind tends to live in the future or the past, so it’s a fast way to center yourself and step back from the busy mind.

As the pace of life continues to accelerate in our ever changing world it’s vital that we take the time-out during our busy schedules to give our mind and body a break from being busy all the time. If we don’t do that then something is bound to either break down or break-apart in our lives.

If you can give yourself 5 or 10 minutes a day to unwind from the busy mind and center yourself, then not only will you feel much more energized and balanced, you’ll also find it so much easier to relax at the end of the night and get a good nights sleep.

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