5 Simple Meditation Tips And Tricks For Busy People

When I first started to meditate, I did an 8-week meditation course in a private home with 10 other people. We were led through various meditation techniques for 1 hour, once a week. What really helped was that the house was always peaceful and quiet which made it easy to rapidly sink into a deeply meditative state.

Then I would leave and go back to my hectic and perpetually busy lifestyle that felt like it had almost zero peacefulness about it. That got me to wondering about how I could bring the inner peace and calm I experienced during my meditations into my fast-paced lifestyle.

It’s not always easy integrating something that you are passionate about having more of in your life into the bigger picture of how your life works – but I was darned sure I was going to give it my best shot.  My main objective was to reduce the stress levels I was experiencing while living life to the fullest.

How To Meditate Effectively While Living Fully

Here are my top 5 tips for having less stress and more inner peace and happiness regardless of how busy or hectic your work or life is:

1. Become the center of the storm.

One of the best pieces of advice I was ever given about how to stay centered no matter how crazy my life is, was to stop fighting the chaos and instead find a way to go with it. Just like a typhoon or tornado is fierce on the outside, they are always quite calm at their center.  The next time you feel like you are caught up in a storm at work or in your life, take a moment to center yourself and find the calm within the chaos.

2. Take a break.

I’ve set an hourly reminder on my phone to stop what I’m doing and take a 5-minute mindfulness break. I’ve found that by doing this it not only helps me to feel more grounded and balanced, it also clear’s my mind and helps me to be even more focused and productive during the day.

3. Do 1 thing properly at a time.

While multi-tasking is considered the new norm for many people, it can inevitably dilute the quality of focus and attention that you give to people or tasks. Make a list of the #1 thing that you want to achieve at the beginning of the day and then stay focused on it until you get it done.

4. Become non-judgmental. 

A distracted mind is a mind that will eventually feel overwhelmed because of a lack of space to think clearly and be decisive. We’re constantly being bombarded with stimuli from our senses that is trying to get us to pay attention to it. Some we manage to ignore, while others trigger thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations that stress us out. The key to staying calm no matter what’s going on around you is to stop every now and then and simply acknowledge your thoughts and feelings with an attitude of non-judgment.

5. Keep it balanced.

Our mind-body system works best when all our systems are operating in a state of harmony. In other words, if your life is out of balance in any way be it mentally, physically, or emotionally, then we put ourselves into a state of disharmony with ourselves and the world around us. To regain your inner harmony of mind and body, just remember to center yourself and be present. Not only will this give you instant peace of mind, it will also uplift your day.

By applying one or more of these meditation tips and tricks to your busy life you are bound to discover a whole new level of energy and peacefulness that will make your days feel easer, and your life more fun.

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