5 Great Reasons To Meditate

5 Great Reasons To MeditateIt wasn’t so long ago that meditation used to be considered something that only monks, hippies, or people who want to escape from reality were into. It certainly wasn’t considered something that your everyday householders, CEO’s, school kids, or even inmates would be doing.

With the constant flow of distracting and disturbing information now flooding our mental and emotional bodies at ever increasing speeds, it’s no wonder that so many people are feeling more anxious and stressed out than ever. That’s why meditation and mindfulness are experiencing such epic rates of growth.

That, plus the fact that it has become much easier to access and receive quality instruction on how to meditate deeply in just a few minutes a day. All from the tap of an icon on your mobile device. This means that meditation is now in the reach of anyone no matter where they are or what they are doing.

5 Reasons To Meditate Daily

I like to think of meditation this way. Instead of escaping from reality, it is escaping to reality. A reality that is present, compassionate, kind, tolerant, and loving. This is what meditation does. It brings you into the moment, which is the only reality that exists. Everything else is either past or future based, which takes us away from who and where we are.

Here are my top 5 reasons why I love to meditate:

1. To love yourself deeper.

When you meditate the mind quiets down and you start to move from your head to your heart. When that happens, then your heart opens and love starts to pour easily and effortlessly into every cell of your body.

2. It gives you emotional resilience.

There are some days where it feels like your on a never-ending emotional roller coaster ride. With daily meditation of at least 5 to 10 minutes, you’ll start to develop an inner calmness that helps you to handle emotional turbulence with less effort and more grace.

3. It helps to clear the fog from your brain.

If you’ve ever woken up feeling unclear about the day ahead and as the day progresses the fog in your head doesn’t get any less, then daily meditation will help. When you meditate, it helps to bring your energy back to your center which makes it easier to think clearer.

4. It makes living fun.

If you spend most of your time rushing around each day getting nowhere quickly, then meditation is a must for you. The only thing we get from rushing around is exhausted and feeling like life has passed us by. The antidote for rushing is to slow down, which is what meditation helps with.

5. It can make you happy.

Happiness is not some destination to be arrived at as a result of work that you do to deserve it. Happiness is what happens when you allow yourself to be still for a few moments so that your mind can quiet down and your inner peace can arise. That’s when happiness becomes a natural part of your every waking moment – when you’re not distracted from it.

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