Mindful Awareness: How To Not Be Distracted

How To Not Be Distracted PostBeing distracted is no fun, especially when you’re in a hurry to do something or you’re on a really tight schedule that has little room for anomalies. I call this living the hurried life. Many of us do it, and if we were honest with ourselves we’d probably agree that living this way does not bring much happiness or fulfillment into our everyday lives.

Sure, we might get paid well, or feel like we are part of something bigger than us, but what about our health, relationships and quality of life, are we really happy with where those things are at? Here’s the thing with being busy all the time, mostly it’s because we get a payoff from it.

The payoff that we get from living a frantic, hectic, distracted and plugged-in lifestyle is that we don’t have to slow down long enough to realize that we are probably wasting what precious time we do have on this planet to really enjoy the richness and fullness of every moment we can.

Yes, that means we’d need to slow down and unplug from time-to-time, but is that really such a big price to pay for a healthy mind and body, relationships that work, and the freedom to truly be happy from the inside-out? Happiness is something that we can enjoy 24/7. We don’t have to do anything special for it to be there as it’s our natural state of being. It’s only when we are distracted and racing through life going nowhere quickly that we forget to stop and enjoy it.

As long as we keep rushing around going from one task to the next and not really being aware of what we are doing most of the time we are going to stay stuck in what I call a non-stop cycle of stress. Our bodies then go into high alert mode and stays in it almost all the time. The price of this is that our every area of our life suffers.

Simple Mindful Awareness Exercises To Slow Down And Relax

Mindfulness is a great way to become aware of what we are doing  and come back to our center pretty much anywhere and anytime we like. All it takes is the willingness to stay connected to the moment. Once you get the knack of how it works, then you are free to unplug from your busy life and renew your energy levels at will.

Here’s a simple mindfulness exercise to get started:

1. Stop what you are doing and relax your shoulders.

2. Now relax your jaw.

3. Then place your hands on your lower belly.

4. Inhale slowly so that your hands move up.

5. Exhale and feel your hands move in.

6. Repeat as many times as you like

7. Then when you are finished allow yourself to relax and just be for a few moments.

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