Cool Meditation Exercises For Stress Reduction

Cool Meditation Exercises For Stress Reduction PostToday I want to share with you some really cool meditation exercises to help reduce stress and bring more calm into your everyday life.

Because most of us lead busy and hectic lives it’s not a wonder that we can find ourselves becoming increasingly agitated, anxious, or even unwell, as a result of prolonged exposure to excess stress and tension in the mind and body.

Meditation Exercises For Less Stress

There are a variety of meditation exercises that help relieve and even prevent stress and in the video below you’ll be guided through one of the simplest meditations that will bring instant relief. The reason why stress builds up in the first place is due to mental and emotional pressure from day-to-day living.

These pressures can come from pressures at home, work, finances, or any area of your life. As much as it’d be great to live in a bubble where we are cocooned from the problems of the world around us, that’s just wishful thinking. In reality, our nervous system is constantly being put under pressure as we move from one challenge to the next.

Then when you throw in not sleeping properly, eating on the run, and not getting enough exercise, our body is fighting an uphill battle just to get us through the day – let alone deal with extra pressure.

Make no mistake, stress can be very harmful. It makes it harder to cope with things that we’d normally breeze through. It makes it harder to deal with the things that are causing stress. And if it’s not dealt with on a daily basis, it can even result in physical illness. That’s why dealing with it is so important.

Mindfulness Meditation Exercises Video

I hope that you found these meditation exercises as simple, practical and fun as I do for instant stress reduction and calm. Sometimes, we really do make our life more difficult than it needs to be when we look for solutions to our problems when really all we need is to slow down for a moment, center ourselves, and let our mind and body rest together for a few moments.

If you were to do just five minutes of this type of meditation for a seven day period, you’ll soon discover for yourself just how much stress relief you can really enjoy.  Then, as you get comfortable with meditating, increase it by an extra minute or two each week until you get to twenty minutes a day.

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