A 5-Minute Focus Meditation To Improve Concentration

A 5-Minute Focus Meditation To Improve Concentration PostOne of the biggest problems that many people face both at work and in life is how not to allow distractions to get in the way of being happy and productive.

In fact, one of the biggest areas of concern that business are now working on with their staff is focus management. They realize that as long as their employees are being so easily distracted from what they need to be doing to adequately perform their duties, then this is costing them in loss of productivity.

It’s not just at work either. You can see the negative impact that distraction is having in relationships, health, finances, happiness, and peace of mind. It’s no wonder that people are more stressed out than ever and finding it hard to stay focused on one-thing at a time.

How A 5-Minute Mind Meditation Can Help

When it comes to the mind even a minute is a long time. If you were to stop what you are doing right now and just watch what’s going on inside your head you’d soon realize just how distracted and busy the mind really is.

As the world around us continues to speed up with technology rocketing us towards more ways to have access to everything we need at our fingertips. The downside of this is that unless we find a way to slow ourselves down on the inside, the result will be that our mind and body system will constantly be in a state of being over stimulated.

That’s why even something as simple as a 5-minute mindfulness meditation can help. And because it’s only 5-minutes, it means that you can practice it anytime and anywhere you like. The only requirement being that once you get started, you give it a chance to work.

The upside of doing this on a daily basis is that your mind starts to be trained to stay focused on just one thing at a time. As you get more accustomed to it, then you can easily start extending your meditations to 10, 20, or even 30 minutes.

The Benefits Of A 5-Minute Meditation

Taking 5-minutes out of your busy schedule to give the mind a chance to unwind and your body a chance to re-vitalize is always going to be a smart decision. What’s not smart is when we keep pushing ourselves day-in and day-out to the point where we are living in a state of anxiety or overwhelm almost every day. This is a sure-fired recipe for pain.

The direct benefits of consistent meditation, even just 5-minutes, is that you’ll have a greater sense of calm and peace, while feeling more centered. This will then give you the energy and resilience to be better able to navigate your way through the rest of your day.

Of course, there are the additional benefits of feeling more relaxed about yourself and the world around you, as well as the physiological benefits that come from changes in your brainwaves that stimulate the relaxation response in your body.

A Simple 5-Minute Meditation To Get Started

1. Find somewhere that you’re not likely to get disturbed for the next 5-minutes. This means switching your mobile device to silent, or putting it somewhere that you won’t be tempted to use it. If it helps, set a timer to let you know when 5-minutes is up.

2. You can do this meditation sitting,lying down, or even standing if you wish. The main thing is to keep your body as still as possible during the meditation. It’s also important to be as comfortable as you can be so that you can relax a little.

3. Take 3 slow, deep breaths, right down into your belly if you can. This helps to clear the mind and prepare the body to relax. Just by consciously slowing down your breathing for a few moments, this will also help to reduce any stress or tension that may be building up in your body.

4. Now let your breathing return to it’s natural rhythm and just pay attention to the breath as it comes in through the nose and moves out through the nose. If you can pay special attention to the feeling of the breath as it comes in and out of the nostrils. Continue to focus on your breath for the next few minutes.

5. When you become aware that your mind is wandering from one thought to the next, then gently bring your attention back to focusing on the breath coming in through the nose and moving out through the nose.

6. Then relax, and let yourself just be for a minute or two. During this time you are simply allowing yourself to let go of the mind and body, and relax deeply.

By following these simple steps to starting your first 5-minute meditation you’ll soon develop the knack of turning stress into calm anywhere, and anytime, you want.

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